Do not assume that the partition between the possible and impossible is permanent.

Lev Shestov


Many people believe that ideas are worthless and only action and execution matter. This is a false belief.

Ideas have real and tangible value. Ideas inspire action and direct the efforts of work. Not only do ideas have value, but their value has yet to be fully realized to humanity’s benefit. The real connections between ideas, actions, decisions, and opportunities elude society. Ideas are important because they are the building blocks of potential change. Ideas are possibilities. They are the units of adaptability and change that direct new thinking, grander goals, and more efficient action.

We must understand ideas. We must value them. We must manage them. We must be open to them. We must bring our best ideas to their full potential because they are the ultimate renewable resource.


To build a new scientific understanding of the value of ideas, to learn the secrets of unlocking that value and leveraging it for good, with the goal of ensuring humanity transforms the vast technological productivity gains of the future into human prosperity. We are rethinking what it means to create value.


Eric Anderson founded the project in 2016. Eric has been inspired by big ideas and made them into reality over the past twenty years. He’s had some great successes and some failures. He’s fortunate to have met other deep thinkers and contributors to the mission of, and wants you to know that there will be opportunities in the future for you to contribute as well.


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